The board configurator does not work well on mobile devices. Please consider using a desktop or laptop computer for this step.

Custom Board Configurator

Here you can configure a flat backgammon board by choosing an item from each box on the left, below.  As you choose different materials, watch the large configured board and suggested price change accordingly.  Once you have the materials the way you want them, then you can define personalization - some text, perhaps, and/or you can upload a graphic (.png or .jpg).  Simpler is better (easier for us) but we'll try to work with anything.  Once you have text or a graphic loaded, you can use the cursor to move them around, resize them (bounding box on the corners barely visible) and even rotate them (tab outside the bounding box, also barely visible).  When you're ready, fill in the form at the bottom.  We'll put together a rendering with everything and send it back to you for review.  Once we have it just right, you can order it.
Board Size none ...
Base/Border none ...
Border Premium
Light Points none ...
Light Points
Light Points Premium
Dark Points none ...
Dark Points
Dark Points Premium
Text none ...
Text Field 1
Color Black
Text Field 2
Color Black
Chips none ...
Commercial Chips (standard)
Custom Wood Chips (optional)
Dice Cups none ...
No Cups
Custom Wood Cups