Custom Board Configurator

Cribbage Board
from $255.00
Cribbage Board
from $255.00
Folding Backgammon
from $370.00
Flat Backgammon Board
from $325.00
Chess Board
from $240.00
Scrabble Board
from $545.00
from $745.00

What is Vancouver Woodsmith?

Vancouver Woodsmith is a small custom woodworking shop founded in 2010, originally located in Vancouver, WA and now here in Georgetown, TX. Vancouver Woodsmith specializes in making custom wooden game boards. We have experience creating hundreds of custom wooden game boards, including cribbage, backgammon, custom scrabble boards, monopoly, go, chess and several more.  We have worked with clients from all over the world, including North America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and South Africa.

I think I am interested in a custom wooden game board, how can we get started.

There are 3 ways you can accomplish that.
  1. You are invited to browse our gallery.  If you find something you like, or even close, you can fill out our form on that page with your name, email and zip code (so we can quote shipping), and be sure to include the code of the board you like.  Then describe anything you would like us to include – the text of the engraved personalization, for example.  And, upload any graphic that you’d like us to consider using – the cleaner, simpler the better – but any graphic might do.  We’ll work up a rendering of the board thus described and send it to you for review and/or changes.  Through however many iterations, once we get it right, you can order it.  We’ll send you a PayPal invoice and when you pay it, your board goes into our workload – having already been designed by you and us.
  2. If you already have some idea of what you want, but want to see some wood/material options, you can go directly to our product configurators for cribbage, backgammon, chess and scrabble.  There, as you select materials, the board is configured right there on the screen.  You can even add some text and/or graphic elements.  And, as you build it, a fairly accurate price is built right along with the image.  Along the way, you can download the current state of the image to your downloads folder.  Once you have it the way you want, you can ask us to finalize the design by clicking on the Request a Quote button on the page and filling in the information there.

What is the process of building a custom game board?

At Vancouver Woodsmith everything we do is custom.  Once we have an approved rendering, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice.  Payment puts your custom wood game board into our workflow.  We start with the raw material and each game board is crafted to your request.  We often get the comment, “It looks just like the rendering you sent us.”  That and your 100% satisfaction is our goal!

How do I configure my own custom wooden game board?

We have configurators for four of our most often requested game boards, cribbage, chess, scrabble and backgammon and we think they’re very easy to use.  Eventually, we’ll add configurators, but if you want one of those now, just use the Contact Us form.  You have options to select materials and, as you do, a large rendering of your board develops along with you.  You can even enter text and upload graphics to place on your board.  Along the way, you can download the current state of your design as a .png file.  When you’re done, you can send it to us to be finished (e.g. engraving entered, etc.) and sent back to you along with a final price, including shipping  Then, if you choose to proceed, you can purchase it.

Our Goal: Your 100% Satisfaction!

What type of materials does Vancouver Woodsmith offer?

Vancouver Woodsmith offers a wide variety of beautiful woods, many of which are depicted in the array of materials below. If you are unsure about what materials to choose, browse our gallery of previous work for inspiration or try our custom board configurator.

I am interested in purchasing a custom Monopoly, Go, Aggrivation or Mancala boards, how do I order?

Even though we do not currently have a product configurator for creating custom Monopoly, Go, Aggrivation or Mancala we still would be happy to make your board! Contact Us today to discuss details on the design and pricing for your dream board.